Most businesses have some sort of social media presence these days—but not all understand why that is important. They do it out of this unspoken (or maybe even spoken) sense of obligation to tweet, post, comment, like, or snap. Going through the motions, because it feels like a requirement rather than a choice, can rob companies of the excitement that comes from engaging well, and with zest, over social media.

There are numerous reasons companies should engage on social media, beyond the “everyone’s doing it” mentality. One of the major reasons we suggest brands strategically use social media is to provide a window into your brand and company culture.

Social media gives followers and unique opportunity to learn more about what your organization is like on the inside. In an increasingly global economy, this inside look allows for a level connectivity that would otherwise be absent. When trying to recruit new talent, it can be especially helpful to have a stream or timeline that includes happenings from within your organizations.

We find this challenges brands because they often become numb to how awesome they are. They have become so accustom to what it means to work at their company, that they forget other people don’t have a clue. Aspects of their job that have become routine are anything but that to others. Consider how a visitor would perceive your businesses, if they came on site for a tour, and use that as a way to consider what type of authentic, inside-look content you could share.

Use social media as a way to highlight employees and the great things they do every day. It could be snapping a picture of someone busy at work before the word day officially begins—or it could be when two people show up #twinning in awesome matchy-matchy outfits (and claim it was on accident…). Perhaps you have funny memes stuck to the break room refrigerator. It really is in the details and the little things. Allow the true personality of your company to shine with authenticity.

The heart of your brand can be revealed by the way you engage over social media. The things you choose to comment on, share, and like cumulatively tell a story about what matters to you company. Understanding this story is being consistently written with each post is a much different perspective than viewing social media as simply going through the motions. Seize the opportunity to shape the narrative you are sharing over social media about your brand and organization

Social Media: A Window into Your World
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