We are drawn to clients that are passionate about what they do and genuinely care about their customers, clients and patients. Our favorite kind of client is one that has a strong belief in the significance of their organization and work. We have partnered with clients in a variety of industries to include those within healthcare, software development, construction, science and technology and consumer products.  

Here is a sampling of our clients and feedback about their experiences working with us.

invisionlogoCaitlyn, with Blue Mobius Marketing, is a gifted writer. Her creative graphics, blog posts and social media content connects with readers. Caitlyn has the unique ability to craft stories about people that speak directly to the audience we want to reach. Sometimes we have a message we want to share but aren’t sure how to communicate it, but Caitlyn does.

As a busy business owner I love that we can brainstorm together-then she takes these ideas and delivers turnkey content in an efficient style. She can incorporate our input or take the ball and run with it. When needed she can simply manage a project from start to finish on her own.

Ideas, writing talent, social media skills and analytics ability are a rare combination. We are fortunate to be partnered with Caitlyn and Blue Mobius Marketing.

Blue Mobius Marketing, has taken our marketing to the next level with creativity and skill. They understand our brand and know how to communicate our patient focused message. It is important to us that that our marketing partner really believes in our business.

Dr. Scott Mann, Invision Optometry



Caitlyn is a very intelligent, well-spoken, and driven individual. She has an incredible working knowledge of SEO and tucklogoSocial Media Marketing. I am particularly impressed with her ability to communicate ideology and purpose through the written word such as blogs and informational articles.

She has an enthusiasm that is unmatched and loves to think “outside-the-box” and loves to “grow” with the companies she works with. Caitlyn is a quick learner and is committed to helping people set expectations and reach goals.

She is an asset to the industry for sure and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to work with her!

Dr. A.J. LaBarbera

Senior Partner Doctor & Director of Branding, Tuck Chiropractic



Blue Mobius Marketing has been incredibly helpful in launching our digital content and social media strategy at ournstar-logo church. We had an attractive website that was informative. However, we needed Caitlyn’s help to identify ways to make our web presence more engaging. Her advice and counsel as she served with our Creative Content Team led us to adopt new strategies that have been much more effective in reaching people in our community and beyond. Blue Mobius Marketing offered training for our staff that helped us grasp the significance and importance of utilizing social media effectively as well as helping us discover our online “voice.”

Jeff Noble

Lead Pastor, Northstar Church



In today’s media environment, self-direction is an invaluable asset; and to get that from an Valley Business Frontindividual who is both pragmatic and creative is rather uncommon. I know my projects will be completed with utmost professionalism from Caitlyn.

Tom Field

Owner, Berryfield