moon-pie-funny-social-mediaDid you watch the coast-to-coast solar eclipse unfold earlier this week? While we weren’t in the path of totality we were able to enjoy this amazing natural phenomenon. We also made sure to enjoy a MoonPie that day—it seemed only fitting. As marketing nerds, we couldn’t just enjoy a MoonPie, we had to also follow them on Twitter—which proved to be a great move.

MoonPie had hilarious and personality-rich tweets surrounding the Solar Eclipse, which of course made sense. They even had a little “Twitter Beef” (yeah, that’s a thing) with rival snack cake companies. Our team watched and chuckled at their wit and hilarity. Then, they tweeted a brilliant tweet that generated great conversation within our team about what makes a brand stand out on social media.

If you didn’t laugh you either really hate snacks, aren’t a marketing nerd like us, or need more coffee.

This tweet is funny first off because of the irony. MoonPie blatantly asked for retweets and shares and that is what they got. The tweet has been shared far and wide because they asked for what they wanted in a completely clever way.

This tweet also really works because it appropriately plays on pop culture and current colloquialisms. They way that they presented the information with radio bubbles further added to the humor value.

While it was working the moment it was tweeted there is something that really has sealed the deal on the brilliance of this twitter moment for MoonPie—their follow up engagement. It isn’t fun to watch brands try to be witty and then hear nothing but crickets as people reply and retweet. Moon Pie has maintained their brand persona responding to feedback and has continued the clever retorts. Brand engagement on social media is an absolute critical factor in a successful social media strategy, kudos to MoonPie for stellar (ha, see what we did there?) engagement.

There you have it folks, a great example of a tweet done right. Hopefully people everywhere are happily munching on a MoonPie while they scroll through the cleverly crafted tweets of this snack cake company. While you may never be the next MoonPie (we can all dream though, right?) you can learn from the great things they are doing and figure out what is transferrable to your company and social media presence.  If you aren’t sure where to start or how to begin that process give our team a shout!

When MoonPie Made Us Laugh
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