Our team focuses on being responsive and approachable as we share our marketing knowledge. Simply put: we love this stuff and want to share our excitement and expertise with you. We have a goal of leaving you more enthusiastic than before we showed up.

Our consulting model is coaching you towards better strategy, a clear focus, and best practices of digital and social media marketing. It begins with education, instruction and explanation with the goal of fully equipping our clients to execute their strategy with confidence and clarity.

Consulting from our team can also include workshops with your team and public speaking engagements for a variety of organizations. Caitlyn Scaggs, our Founder, takes the lead on consulting and speaking engagements. The feedback we get is that she is energetic, considerate of context, and relevant. She is also highly relational and personable. These qualities are experienced in smaller sized consulting meetings and are also sensed by larger audiences. Caitlyn enjoys consulting one-on-one but has also shared her ideas and expertise with groups as large as 575!

Some of the presentations given to organizations and academic classes include the following topics:

  • The Science of Social Media Marketing
  • Creative Marketing Strategy
  • Impacting Company Culture with Social Media
  • Content Marketing Best Practices
  • How to Gauge Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing