Understanding how to derive meaning from data is something we love to do! Numbers for the sake of numbers aren’t helpful. Providing context and meaning to data points is necessary for careful evaluation of marketing efforts and modifications to strategy. Actionable data is key for any marketing program.


Our team focuses on being responsive and approachable as we share our marketing knowledge. Simply put: we love this stuff and want to share our excitement and expertise with you. We have a goal of leaving you more enthusiastic than before we showed up.

Content Marketing & Blog Writing

In today’s highly digital marketing climate compelling copy is key! Our team loves pulling out powerful story lines from your brand and turning them into blog articles or website copy. Content marketing is one of our favorite things to do—we love words! The copy written must be carefully crafted to honor the brand, adhere to best practices, and engage with your audience in an authentic way. We excel in finding the approach that achieves these objectives.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a quick, personal, and effective way to connect with clients, when executed properly. In comparison to other marketing efforts it is relatively inexpensive with the possibility of high return. We have a strategy based approach to writing and delivering emails that comes from both our formal training and years of experience. Email marketing opens a whole new world of possibilities within a marketing program and with the support of marketing analytics the value of these efforts can be proven.

Graphic Design

We understand the value of graphics, visuals, and a custom-tailored aesthetic. We offer visual branding guidelines, imagery, and creative graphics to our clients as tools to incorporate into their unique marketing strategies. Our graphics are utilized in social media posts, brochures, annual reports, and brand logos.

Social Media

In the age where nearly all brands are on social media and there seems to be a hashtag for everything it is necessary to carefully and strategically approach social media use. Understanding where to engage and how to effectively reach your audience is a strength of Blue Mobius Marketing. We will educate, equip, and train in addition to executing the strategy as needed.

Speaking Engagements

Our Founder and CEO, Caitlyn Scaggs, is available for public speaking engagements, such as keynote addresses. She is “one of those people” who genuinely loves public speaking—made evident by her rich and varied experience with speaking engagements. Learn More about Caitlyn’s speaking experience or Contact Us to discuss scheduling a speak engagement.

Strategy & Planning

Fail to plan and plan to fail, right? There’s no need for marketing failure when an organized and planned approach can set you on the path to success. We can assist with designing the necessary tactics and approach to create a successful marketing strategy. It can be done as an overall annual plan or quarterly. Additionally, editorial calendars keep all marketing team members aligned with themes, campaign, and upcoming content. We love to brainstorm and turn fresh ideas into a strategy that will allow you to succeed with marketing goals and also overall business goals.


Our workshops and training sessions provide fresh thinking, up-to-date information on marketing trends, and expertise tailored to your unique business and circumstances. Our dynamic approach to instruction, and interactive format, ensures an enjoyable and effective experience. We love to work with groups of all sizes, whether it’s three to five people or 500.