Sometimes all it takes is an outside perspective to bring about clarity and direction. We love to combine our perspective with the business objectives of our clients to create an actionable marketing strategy. Your plan needs to have high level and visionary goals but must also encompass pragmatic suggestions for how to make the strategy a day-to-day reality. We excel at finding that balance, which in turn brings about success for our clients.

Our team enjoys the ability to sit down and brainstorm, considering what has been done and what can be done. We are firm believers in establishing a strategy that provides the backbone for a subsequent marketing plan. From a strategy and plan other specific marketing documents and guides can evolve, such as a content marketing editorial calendar that keeps the entire team on track and held accountable to the agreed upon plan.

A marketing strategy is critical for each and every company. It provides a number of important benefits, one of which is assurance of integrated efforts. Digital marketing should never exist as siloed components. Having a cohesive strategy provides framework that all efforts should support. This means that your audience will receive your messaging in consistent ways, regardless of the marketing channel. It also keeps all the moving pieces of a business and marketing department moving in the same direction.

Having a formal marketing strategy and plan also creates a form of accountability for all persons with an area of responsibility within marketing. The strategy and plan provide expectations and mutually agreed upon approach. It certainly has flexibility to allow individuals to exercise the creativity necessary to produce vibrant marketing results, but is also fixed enough to be confident implemented ideas are in support of the overall agreed upon direction.

An additional reason to establish and update your marketing strategy and plan is it helps contain excessive spending. It provides an agreed upon direction which will also have general–or sometimes very specific–costs associated with particular efforts. This information is helpful for leadership of organizations as they make budgetary decisions. It also guards against spontaneous spending.

Our love for strategy reflects our deep understanding of the need for marketing strategy to serve the big picture objectives of a company and not function as a compartmentalized department. Please reach out so we can begin a conversation about your marketing strategy and planning needs.