Our team draws from our education & experience to provide insights as to what your analytics mean for your marketing tactics and strategy.

How do you make sense of all the data? There’s a wealth of it found between your website analytics and social media analytics. Are you currently navigating that data well and are you extracting meaning? If not, no worries. We like to geek out over finding actionable data amongst all the information–that can be overwhelming.

When we say actionable data we aren’t just talking about some marketing buzz word. We mean using data to drive decisions, strategy and tactics. This approach ensures there is accountability for marketing actions because the results are consistently monitored. Our marketing analytics services can exist as a unique offering or as part of a larger marketing plan. However, all of our efforts are driven by carefully evaluating and understanding how digital marketing efforts are connecting with and impacting your audience.

We find that clients have a variety of needs when it come to marketing analytics. Some prefer a monthly report paired with an in-person meeting to review. Others like to have a periodic check in, as needed. We find the versatility of our team allows us to respond to your specific analytics needs, and is also appreciated by our clients.

If you find yourself intimidated by data we would appreciate the opportunity to come alongside you and help put all the data in context and prescribe meaning to it. Please reach out to us and tell us more about your marketing analytics challenges and how we can help.