At Blue Mobius Marketing, we understand the value of graphics, visuals, and a custom-tailored aesthetic. We offer visual branding guidelines, imagery, and creative graphics to our clients as tools to incorporate into their unique marketing strategies. Our graphics are utilized in social media posts, brochures, annual reports, and brand logos.

The applications of our graphic design services are truly endless. However, here are a few specific ways we use graphic design to support our clients’ marketing, communications, and business objectives.

Logo Development

At Blue Mobius, we embrace our designer roles proudly and thrive off creativity. We construct unique, inventive logos for our clients that embody the essence of the client’s mission. We turn feelings, ideals, and values into a visual concept that will resonate both with your company and your audience. Also known as a “love mark” a logo is a hugely important design to establish as a cornerstone element of your visual brand.

Social Media Graphics

One of the most effective and fastest growing outlets for brand and content marketing today is social media. We know that sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus possess the power to leave a lasting impression on viewers and readers—is your company utilizing that power in a strategically, visual way? Blue Mobius provides in-house designs and graphics for that very reason, contributing to the conversation online with more than just words, but striking, effective and professional graphics.

PowerPoint Templates | Slide Decks

Another service we offer is the creation of company branded templates for PowerPoint presentations. Creating a compelling slide deck makes a presentation or pitch more engaging and enhances effectiveness. Ensuring a well-designed PowerPoint template creates visual consistency for your brand.

Design for Tradeshow Support

Combining effective graphic design with strong tradeshow support is yet another great service that we offer here at Blue Mobius. With trade show’s inherent need for graphic design, our team creates visuals for your tradeshow experience that range from the “deatils” (business cards and pamphlets) to large and striking visuals (booth displays).

On top of beautiful visuals for your trade show, event support is an area of our business we particularly enjoy. We create engaging graphics that allows your audience to engage over social media while at your event. Sometimes this is larger-than-life social media frames, dry erase board concepts, or stickers–we love using pushing boundaries creatively to find unique ways to engage with your audience and trade show participants across many different industries.

Sales Slicks & Brochures

“Sales Slicks” sound a lot more fun than a “brochure”, right? This area of designs combines our ability to understand a brand, write excellent and succinct copy, and create stunning designs. We also enjoy selecting sizes and shapes for Sales Slicks that transcend the traditional tri-fold approach.

Strategically selected and created designs are critical for a well-executed marketing program, whether used in print (no, print is not “dead”!) or digitally. Now that you know all that we are capable of our only question for you is: When would you like us to start?