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Social Media Organization

A Reformed Disorganized College Student

I consider myself well organized but that wasn’t always the case. Before I came to college and during my first year at Radford University I was a mess.  My school work was scattered all over the place, I used to just shove the papers in my backpack. This resulted in me loosing assignments and forgetting due dates. My work consistently got the best of me and I felt chronically behind and caught off guard by responsibilities.

This lasted until my sophomore year, I met my new roommate Caleb who is one of the most organized and composed people I have met, he seemed to have the whole “organization” thing figured out. Before I tried to tackle all my disorganized problems at once, I began writing a To-Do list every morning. Caleb would ask me every day if I had written my To-Do list and if I said no he would encourage (force) me to write it, this accountability was crucial. Eventually this became habit and I noticed that my grades went up and I had a lot less stress. The ROI of my organization was clear.

When it comes to social media people are easily overwhelmed and can feel consistently behind but with organization the stress can dissipate and social media success can be within grasp. Two practical ways to achieve social media organization are with social media management tools and editorial calendars.

Social Media Management Tools

Apps such as Hootsuite are an amazing asset to any marketing team. One example (specific to Hootsuite) is being able to organize streams of content by what is most relevant to you, monitoring a hashtag for example. This helps cut through the noise on social media and allows you to focus your efforts. Perhaps the marketer’s most powerful ally is being able to schedule social media posts in advance. Being able to schedule in advance not only allows us to free up time for other projects, but also significantly reduces the number of typos and mistakes made because you can be more precise and less rushed. You can also review analytics, demonstrating what’s working and what’s not so you can effectively transform  your marketing strategy based on actionable data.

Editorial Calendars

Social media strategy needs to happen in an intentional way that is part of the bigger picture of a company’s marketing efforts. Without a plan it is easy to let social media and strategy get away from you. In a sense, an editorial calendar is like a marketing to-do list. When a company is engaged in a robust content marketing strategy there are a lot of moving parts to keep up with–and often a lot of people on the team who must stay informed and on the same page. Editorial calendars for marketers should include the date the content is needed, the topic, who is responsible, and key information to include. Having an editorial calendar will help your ideas be visualized and brought to fruition.

Organization Creates Accountability

These two simple ways to infuse your social media efforts with organization will also bring about more accountability.  Remember, accountability is what ultimately transformed me into the organized person I am today. By using these apps and creating calendars you can easily see who’s doing what and when, making it easy to not only target a problem, but look for constructive solutions as well. I encourage you to take a moment to pause and consider how you can better your social media strategy by using social media management tools, making best use of an editorial calendar, and instilling accountability.

Good Organization for Social Media Management
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Matt Webster

Matt is originally from Williamsburg Virginia. He enjoys hiking, the beach, and yoga–when he’s not working hard on his marketing coursework at Radford University.

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