On February 25, 2017 our Founder and CEO delivered a TEDx talk at VCU entitled, “Fearlessly Facing Change.” This message is incredibly personal to Caitlyn and something she strongly believes in. We encourage you to sit down, listen to her TEDx VCU talk, and consider what it can mean for you personally. To aid this process, Caitlyn created a guide to help you walk through your own story, plot twists, and threads of connectivity–with an end goal of enabling confidence and joy.

We fully believe Caitlyn has presented us all with ideas that should be spread. If you agree, we encourage you to share this blog post and comment below with what her ideas mean to you.

Remember: Now is the time to be fearlessly, you.

Fearlessly Face Change | TEDx VCU
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One thought on “Fearlessly Face Change | TEDx VCU

  • May 23, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Fantastic speech, so much brilliant thoughts, guidance, and hope, This would be a great speech for a graduation class.


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