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Oh no. Facebook has changed their news feed algorithm, again. Are you freaking out?

Many within the digital marketing space are. A lot of brands with Facebook pages are. We aren’t.

Here’s a few reasons why we are staying calm in the face of yet another change to the rules of engagement:

  1. The reality of social media is the rules are always changing. If we let changes disrupt our confidence or strategy we’d get nothing done.
  2. Fighting to be seen in a followers’ crowded news feed isn’t new. This change just solidifies that Facebook is going to make you work for it, still.
  3. You can pay to play. If you really need to share something and ensure you get visibility Facebook offers very targeted and cost effective measures to get in front of your desired audience.
  4. Being an strong and attractive brand will always win. If you have a compelling brand identity, know who you are, and share it well over Facebook you can trust the rest will take care of itself.
  5. You can’t change the reality of the news feed algorithm. Rather than waste time lamenting the difficulties, figure out how you can win within the established framework of Facebook.

Don’t get us wrong, the change is on our radar (hello, we are blogging about it) and we are mindful it could impact our Facebook page and those of our clients. However, the heart of the issue is that Facebook is making changes to support “more meaningful interactions” on their platform.

The bottom line is that Facebook wants you sharing content that matters. Content that people can get behind, talk about, interact with, and discuss.

Engagement. Engagement. Engagement.

Some practical steps you can take to fight the newsfeed realties include:

Don’t Waste Their Time

Relevance should dictate frequency when engaging over social media. If you have something pertinent to share, share it. If you have nothing to say and are lacking creative inspiration, stay quiet. Your audience doesn’t want forced and contrived content–they want a brand they can feel good about following and engaging with. If you waste their time they will not engage and will likely stop following.

Maintain Other Channels of Communication

Although social media marketing is one of are areas of expertise we will be the first to affirm there’s more to marketing than social media. Print is not dead and a great hand out can drive business, foster brand loyalty, and serve as a valuable marketing tool. There’s a wide range of ways you can communicate your brand–don’t lean too heavily on one method. 

Know Your Audience, Really Well

Spend time thinking about who you are talking with over Facebook–notice we didn’t say “talking to”. To drive enhanced reach over Facebook you are striving for engagement. What are the type of conversations your followers want to have? Why should they give you their time–their most precious resource–by interacting with you. Until you empathize with their perspective, wants, needs, and motivations, you won’t be able to strategically craft content that resonates and engages.

Craft Compelling Copy

Select a smart topic, consider the point of view of your audience, and then you must write compelling copy. Social media marketing requires strong copywriting–each post is a snippet of copy. That is often overlooked. Use words to move from “talking” to “being heard” over social media. When you do that, you will find that people start “liking”, posts gets clicked on and shared, and your reach concerns take care of themselves.

Don’t Stress Too Much

In the end, don’t be too worried about this change if your brand is authentic. The ways in which we suggest people write and interact on social media are the same strategies Facebook wants brands to employ. If you’re conversational, social, engaging and represent your brand in an honest, cohesive way, you have nothing to worry about.

If you still find yourself concerned about the impact of the recent algorithm change to your Facebook account give us a shout! Our team can assess your current Facebook strategy and let you know if what you are doing is consistent with what Facebook is going to prioritize, moving forward. We will gladly be thinking partners and brainstorm next best steps for your unique circumstances.


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The Blue Mobius Writing Team is a group of people that share a love for cleverly crafted words and all things marketing. We also really like alliteration, coffee mugs with witty sayings, and colorful pens.

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Blue Mobius Writing Team

The Blue Mobius Writing Team is a group of people that share a love for cleverly crafted words and all things marketing. We also really like alliteration, coffee mugs with witty sayings, and colorful pens.

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