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Social media can be wonderful, meaningful, and dare I say….magical! That was exactly what I experienced recently, through a cool exchange with Walt Disney World over Twitter.

Here’s the backstory. Back in February, my family and I went on a dream vacation to Disney World. Right before the trip, I bought brand new lotion, which I used all week long. We truly had the time of our lives and made so many wonderful memories.

Fast forward nearly ten months later. You know how smell can trigger emotion and memories? That is exactly what happened when I hugged my daughter after using the “Disney Lotion” the other day. To her, I smelled like Disney World. Pretty amazing how the mind and memories work, huh? In any case, it was too cool not to share and shout out to Disney world.

When I tweeted excitedly, I tagged Disney World, because I know a key to engagement over social media is tagging those you are seeking a conversation with. Much to my delight, I got a really cool response back:

First off, my inner child was elated to hear directly from Disney World. Beyond that, this is the exact type of meaningful engagement all brands should strive for when engaging over social media.

Here are some key points highlighting why this interaction was so spot on and effective.  

1) Their Response Exuded their Brand

They used the word “magical” to describe me. That is the perfect adjective to remain on-brand within this exchange. Consider all the other adjectives that could have “filled in the blank”– delightful, wonderful, special — none of those words would signal the Disney brand the way “magical” does.

2) Their Response was Timely

Disney World got back to me within close proximity to when I sent the tweet. That makes it feel more conversational and as if a person really cares. It wasn’t instantaneous, which is completely okay, but soon enough to feel engaged.

3) Their Response Affirmed My Engagement

It feels good to hear back from a brand when you are just one person with one little tweet in the big sea of social media. Pausing to acknowledge that individual is an excellent way to affirm them and will likely result in future engagement. That engagement may be over social media, but I argue, you are likely to accelerate word of amount about your business by having these affirming interactions on social media. Remember, social media is inherently social, which demands meaningful engagement on your part.

You may hear all of these thoughts, and read this interaction, and immediately think the real reason this interaction is awesome is because a major brand has the staffing to manage such interactions. I argue that is not the case–this type of amazing social media interaction is attainable for small, medium, local, and large brands alike! Know your tools, create an intentional system, and above all, know your brand.

Everything Disney has done here, you can (and should) do too.

If you are a small business, you are likely getting less volume in social media engagement than Disney World. When those meaningful interactions come across your screen–or to your smartphone–take a moment to pause and respond with intention.

We have one client that is within the high-tech scientific space, we love using the “nerdy” emjoi to punctuate tweets–especially when using one of their favorite hashtags, #staycurious.

Another client is within eye health and eyewear fashion. We make sure to use the emoji wearing sunglasses, to be on-brand while engaging.

In a practical sense, make sure your notifications for social media accounts are set, such that you get the really important notifications directly to your phone. If you have rules and boundaries about keeping distance from social media notifications, I suggest carving out specific time within your day to log into accounts and check any notifications that may have occurred. Remember, responses and engagement over social media needs to be timely, but not necessarily instantaneous.  

If you still feel like this type of authentic, engaging, and on-brand social media management is out of reach, please send us a message. Not only does our team excel at social media management, we also work with brands in a consulting and strategy capacity. Reach out and let us know how we can help!


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Caitlyn Scaggs

Founder at Blue Mobius Marketing
Caitlyn is the Founder of Blue Mobius Marketing. She is an excellent storyteller with an inherently creative mind and a passion for marketing. She is people-focused in all that she does.

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Caitlyn Scaggs

Caitlyn is the Founder of Blue Mobius Marketing. She is an excellent storyteller with an inherently creative mind and a passion for marketing. She is people-focused in all that she does.

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