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Working at the Blue Mobius Marketing officeKate Rancourt, design manager at One Workplace in the San Francisco Bay area, and friend of the Blue Mobius Marketing team, recently graced our new space with her creative talents in tow. Kate is a certified interior designer by means of the National Council of Interior Design Qualification; a successful designer and creative lead, Kate continues to invite her clients alongside her throughout the creative process, building beautiful spaces that reflect the hearts and functional needs of those working in the space.

Incorporating smart, beautiful and efficient style arrangements into our new Blue Mobius office, Kate transformed our physical space into an atmosphere that cultivates intentional and inviting conversation — something we love. She also made sure to create balance, by giving us “heads down” work space to make sure we find the perfect balance between creative collaboration and productivity.

Kate sat down with our team to shed some light on her personal creative process, sharing some tips and insight on how to create a functional, comfortable workspace anywhere you go.


When designing your workspace, Kate recommends thinking of the space holistically. Rather than compartmentalizing your work areas, and ideas, keep the atmosphere open, welcoming and consistent — your interpretation of these words will be different from others, and that’s a good thing. It’s important to make the space your own and make it work well for yourself and your coworkers.

“As an interior designer, I like to start with understanding the purpose behind the space being renovated or constructed, what the culture is like in the organization, and how we might be able to better support that culture,” Kate said. “As an employee of an organization, if you feel taken care of and a part of something bigger than yourself, that’s a successful space! Space should send a very clear and purposeful message to your employees and team members.”

Moving into our new office at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center has got us thinking a lot about the importance of the physical space in which we work. A well designed space can foster creativity, productivity, and joy.

“Have you ever walked into a space and immediately started to whisper; perhaps in a local library or doctor’s office? We lovingly refer to this as the ‘library effect,’” said Kate. “The way that space was designed, arranged, and the culture of the patrons were all affecting that specific ‘hushed’ behavior.”

Our goal for the Blue Mobius Marketing office was to create a space that fosters creativity and collaboration but also allows us to get a lot done.  Intuitively, we can all agree that your work environment directly impacts your ability to get the job done and feel good in the process.

Work style

When framing your workspace, take your profession into consideration. Are you an engineer? A writer? A statistician? The work you’re doing matters, so you’ll want to create a space that reflects that truth. Writers, load up the desk with beautiful pens to switch back and forth with between breaks. Engineers, add a whiteboard for easy access to equation writing around the office.

Are you working on a team or flying solo? You might want to add a coffee maker with some fun coffee mugs to frame a space for conversation and comfort amid the scheduling and emailing that goes on hour-to-hour.

Kate shared what she focuses on when designing spaces for teams: what matters, what doesn’t, and what you might not think about.

“The biggest mistake you can make while designing for a team, is for the arrangement to discourage or not allow heads-down time,” said Kate. “While collaboration has become a major part of the workforce, we all need to be able to focus on certain tasks or have a space that we can have private conversations.”

Kate explained that when you allow employees to have a say in where they work and when they interact with others in that space, you instill a sense of confidence and trust in them — and that’s always a good thing.

So? Find your work style, and work it well. The space is yours–what will you create?!

Blue Mobius Marketing Office

The Blue Mobius Marketing office before…

Blue Mobius Marketing Office today

and after!

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The Blue Mobius Writing Team is a group of people that share a love for cleverly crafted words and all things marketing. We also really like alliteration, coffee mugs with witty sayings, and colorful pens.

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Blue Mobius Writing Team

The Blue Mobius Writing Team is a group of people that share a love for cleverly crafted words and all things marketing. We also really like alliteration, coffee mugs with witty sayings, and colorful pens.

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