Caitlyn Scaggs has a guiding principle in life: ensuring others feel valued. It is an approach she takes to interacting with friends, family, colleagues and clients. Caitlyn believes all people have tremendous value and feels it is a gift to connect with people through marketing efforts. This value system is reflected in her work product and the way she leads our company.

Caitlyn loves marketing and is a self-proclaimed marketing nerd. She has enthusiasm for social media marketing, actionable data, and novel approaches to business. You’ll never find her doing something because “we’ve always done it that way.” She has a passion for public speaking, has given a TEDx talk, and truly enjoys teaching others about digital marketing strategy. You could say she likes words and using them well. You could also say she has an unexpected background…

Growing up Caitlyn always dreamed of being a police officer. Throughout high school and college, everything she did supported that dream. After college, Caitlyn immediately began her work as a police officer–working on midnight shift. Her experience “on the road” helped her refine her communication skills, taught her to weather high-stress situations, and multi-task like a pro.

When Caitlyn and her husband were expecting their first child, her dreams and career aspirations drastically shifted. She knew she needed a change. The team at Polymer Solutions Incorporated (PSI) welcomed Caitlyn to their team as the Director of Communications and Marketing. While for some this may seem like a drastic jump, to Caitlyn it made sense. She excelled as a Police Officer because of her ability to communicate exceptionally well–her life and the lives of those around her depending on it. In her new role within Marketing and Communications she relied on those same skill sets, in her new context.

After joining the PSI team, Caitlyn developed her skills as an expert ‘scientist’ in all things marketing, communications, and business development. She has an affinity for actionable data and identifying the intersection between strategy and day-to-day activity. This success led to her promotion to Chief Growth Officer of the company.

Demand for Caitlyn’s guidance related to digital strategy and social media marketing grew to such a point that Blue Mobius Marketing became a natural and exciting endeavor. Since Caitlyn firmly believes in the importance of pursuing passion, especially when justified by demand, she formalized Blue Mobius Marketing, after years of doing it “on the side.”

Caitlyn’s days tend to stay fast paced and very fun. When she’s not working with clients to drive digital marketing results she is often engrossed in a game of pretend, working on art projects, or having tea parties with her two favorite little people. Caitlyn prioritizes her family. Not only do they support her as a business leader but they bring a tremendous amount of joy into her life.

Caitlyn aspires to continue her work with clients who are open to sharing their story in authentic and compelling ways. She especially loves clients who have a clear passion and heart for what they do. Caitlyn welcomes speaking engagements in both academic and corporate settings.