Our team focuses on listening, responsiveness and fostering an approachable space to share ideas. We welcome you in; in our office, there’s always a cup of coffee with your name on it. We want to listen to your story and discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals through marketing.


Caitlyn Scaggs: Founder and CEO

Caitlyn Scaggs has a guiding principle in life: ensuring others feel valued. Caitlyn believes all people have tremendous value and feels it is a gift to connect with people through marketing efforts.

Caitlyn loves marketing and is a self-proclaimed marketing nerd. She has enthusiasm for social media marketing, actionable data, and novel approaches to business. You’ll never find her doing something because, “We’ve always done it that way.”

Caitlyn’s days tend to stay fast paced and very fun. When she’s not working with clients to drive digital marketing results she is often engrossed in a game of pretend, working on art projects, or having tea parties with her two favorite little people. Caitlyn prioritizes her family. Not only do they support her as a business leader but they bring a tremendous amount of joy into her life.

Caitlyn aspires to continue her work with clients who are open to sharing their story in authentic and compelling ways.


Sarah Holland: Account Manager

Sarah Holland hails from Maryland, but has been bouncing from place-to-place for the past 7 years. She moved to Blacksburg from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she earned her Master’s of English from Marquette University.  After a short stint as a barista, Sarah has found her place on the Blue Mobius Team.

Sarah’s exceptional writing & editing skills and her ability to learn at light speed wowed us from the start; she’s a chameleon of written voice, loving the process of transforming her style for clients’ needs. She dreams of becoming a published author, and has been working on a novel intermittently for the past decade and seriously for the past few years.

When not working, she’s either taking pictures of her cat or watching reality TV. Most likely doing both at the same time. She also enjoys running races, watching animated films, and oil painting. Her pies aren’t half-bad, either.

The marketing field wan’t on Sarah’s radar until this opportunity. Now that she’s in it, however, she’s loving every moment, relishing the chance to grow as a writer and build positive, genuine relations within the community.


Amanda Reinartsen: Account Manager

Amanda Reinartsen is a Christiansburg-native with a will to create and a passion for marketing with meaning. Recently graduated from Radford University with a B.A. in marketing, Amanda feels right at home in the Blue Mobius office; she’s recently taken on the role of our new marketing administrator and account manager. Amanda keeps up with our team of writers and the unique needs of each client–she knows how to multitask like a pro.

Strategic, innovative and personable, you can often find Amanda with a smile on her face and a coffee cup in hand. Each morning she puts her passions to work, challenging herself inside, and outside, the office to go the extra mile for others.

Amanda is a strategizing machine with a creative heart. When she’s not in the office, you can find her putting her artistic and creative talents to use through scrapbooking, makeup and fashion.

Amanda enjoys marketing for many reasons, but her biggest push to pursue marketing comes from her love of its dynamic nature—she enjoys learning new ways to promote businesses and finds changes and challenges exciting. Her favorite part of working at Blue Mobius is the excitement that comes from knowing each day is different and her work is greatly appreciated.


Jonathan Roberts: Creative Content Manager

Jonathan Roberts is a Blacksburg local with a passion for writing, photography and all things outdoors. A self-proclaimed wannabe farmer, Jonathan graduated from Virginia Tech in 2014 with a B.A. in technical and professional writing.

When he’s not spending time outside, you can find him writing as a freelancer for multiple outdoors brands and for Blue Mobius Marketing working as our creative content manager. Jonathan loves to bike, hike, kayak and spend time with his dog Arwen—who he absolutely loves.

In addition to technical writing, Jonathan also specializes in product photography, which he puts to good use on his many hikes around the New River Valley.

His main career goal is to tell honest stories and help companies and people communicate effectively. Jonathan believes marketing, done right, can connect a lot of people and create a culture that is positive for both company goals and the world around us.

He’s excited to be apart of our Blue Mobius power team and is excited to continue to grow as a writer, photographer and social media manager.


Hannah Rancourt: Social Media Specialist

Hannah Rancourt, Social Media Specialist

Hannah Rancourt is of true value to the Blue Mobius team; a master of the work-life balance and an effective communicator. Hannah brings an authentic zeal to the company with her passion for social media and her ambitious can-do attitude. As a self-proclaimed social media junkie, Hannah is a perfect fit for Blue Mobius’ social media specialist.

Outside of her work, Hannah enjoys spending time with her family and friends and can often be found strolling through the aisles of Target with both kids in tow. When she doesn’t have the kids in tow, Hannah enjoys date nights with her husband, Mexican food with her girlfriends, and diving into a new fiction books.

Hannah loves the flexibility of her work at Blue Mobius that allows her to be a great mom and work, and she enjoys the creative atmosphere her team encourages her to use in the creation of posts for different clients.