Blue Mobius Marketing is on a mission to help our clients achieve their business objectives through authentic marketing efforts digitally and beyond. We accomplish this by putting emphasis on what matters most: people. This is evident in our culture that that celebrates creativity, relationships, and joy in the workplace.

We are a team of passionate creatives working together with a common vision to facilitate successful relationships and conversations between businesses and people; we pride ourselves on bridging the gap between vision and enactment in the area of marketing.

Our heart is for people and therefore we have a people-focused approach. How do we accomplish this? Rather than treating our clients like a number, we value relationships and authenticity, recognizing that investment and belief in a company reap a larger reward. This is our tried and true vision—that and a piping hot cup of coffee—that carries us through each week.  

We connect people by means of authentic content creation, which comes from knowing and understanding our clients first. This enables us to develop a business’ brand, build an engaging social media presence, and strategically market each company’s unique strengths and services through outlets such as blogs, email and photography. It also allows our marketing minds to run wild with the possibilities for marketing your brand, we like to keep it fresh, exciting, and interesting.

We excel at identifying story lines within a business to share who they are and what they do in a deep way, fostering emotional connectivity with clients and patients. This often results in compelling website copy and blogs that connect with customers in ways that stick. Our team is also excellent at developing tactics for promoting that content across digital platforms and enjoys helping companies develop marketing strategies and plans.

We are unique in that we offer both strategic planning and execution, as needed by our clients. We enjoy both opportunities to serve as consultants but also opportunities to do the work as well. This means we are a great fit for larger sized companies with an internal marketing team as well as small firms that have a one-person marketing team (or maybe no marketing team at all).

Our offerings include social media marketing, blog and content writing, graphic design, email marketing strategy and execution, editorial calendar planning, brand strategy and marketing plan development. We also have a deep understanding of website and social media analytics, which helps drives the approach we take and recommendations we make.

Our team focuses on being responsive and approachable as we share our expertise. We welcome the opportunity to meet you, listen to who you are, and discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals through marketing.