When people hear our marketing firm specializes in Digital Marketing the most common clarification question is, “oh, so you do social media?” The answer is yes, we plan and execute social media strategies as part of a more comprehensive marketing plan but that is not our sole thrust as a company. Social media marketing does not exist in a vacuum; it must be supported by other marketing initiatives such as content generation (blogging, landing page content), e-mail marketing, and graphic design. One fun project we recently got to work on, in support of a Social Media Marketing strategy, was a photo shoot for one of our digital marketing clients.

Meet, A Ginger Kid Toys.

A Ginger Kid is an amazing brand! This company was founded because the owner, Nicole, has a brilliant and curious son with a flair for business and entrepreneurship—all at the age of 8! Nicole and her son, Hudson, dreamed of having a company together and one day decided to go for it. And thus, A Ginger Kid was born. Their product offerings are “toys and tools that teach.” A variety of beautiful wooden, heirloom-toys designed to equip parents and kids to interact with intent and celebrate learning.

In order to connect authentically with customers and potential customers alike we knew that it was paramount for A Ginger Kid to get a variety of pictures showing the ultimate benefit of their product—parents and children interacting with the toys.

Our team was brought on to plan, recruit for, and execute the photo shoot. We took care of everything from identifying potential venues, reaching out to moms with children in our target age range, and identifying the very best photographer for this job.

Honor the Brand

Foundationally the brand must be honored in all aspects of the photo shoot; from how participants are recruited to the experience the day of and of course, the styling of the photos themselves. The goal of this photo shoot was to get strong brand images that convey the feelings and benefits the toys are designed to generate. A big goal for our shoot was to ensure the pictures were staged-candids. Meaning, the photos were planned but not overly contrived. This is a reflection of how A Ginger Kid toys creates authentic and intentional moments between parents and children.

Plan for Success

In order to have a successful photo shoot like this a tremendous amount of organization and planning is required. The basics like the time, date, and location had to be established. Then a system for breaking up the day into shots needed to occur. After that, our beautiful models were recruited. Behind the scenes a lot of prep work took place to be certain all toys would be accounted for and that there was a variety of shots. Creating a shot list and toy inventory to use the day of was a necessary and important task. Also, to ensure all our models made it to their time slot we sent a reminder emails two days prior. There were lists, spreadsheets, milestones and lots of communications to create conditions for success.

Consider Your Subjects

We picked a venue that honored our subject matter: parents and kids. A local daycare graciously let us use their facility as a venue. This meant it was a kid-safe environment already equipped with kid-size restroom facilities, little tables, and chairs. It was a place kids could show up and instantly feel like they belonged. There was also ample parking available. The practical and logistical aspects were accounted so the photos could convey emotion and feeling. If we made it difficult for parents to show up and get inside, or used a venue that was intimidating to children, we would make it harder to achieve excellent results.

Surround Yourself with Talent

We picked an incredible photographer, Kristina Rose, for this shoot. Yes, the selection was largely based off of her body of work but it was also based off of her personality. Kristina is outgoing, energetic, and passionate about what she does. Over the phone and during our in-person meeting this was abundantly clear. She had all the characteristics we were seeking from both the creative vision side and the experience and professional qualities.

Have Resources on Hand

We also made sure that there were “helpers” the day of, to ensure families knew where to go and what was happening. Our creative on this project (Caitlyn) needed to be free to direct shots and collaborate with Kristina. The two helpers on this project both have experience working with children, which made them well qualified for this afternoon of kid-focused photography fun.

Photo Shoots Take Marketing

How’s that for irony? To be able to get beautiful marketing images for our client it took marketing from our team. We created flyers with the necessary information and made sure to follow branding guidelines while doing so. We needed to market this event in a way that would encourage parents to buy into the vision, take time out of their busy schedule, and participate with their children.

The Results

The day of was full of energy, excitement, and went by in a flash (ha, see what we did there?). We had a great turnout! Out of the 16 families we recruited we had a 100% “show up” rate. This perfect show up rate is a testimony to the planning, communication, and follow up from our team. A photo shoot like this doesn’t come together over night and success is truly in the planning and the team selected for the project. Was it a lot of work, absolutely! Was it worth it, you bet!

The previews we saw of the photos are breathtaking and a beautiful representation of A Ginger Kid Toys. It’s true, a picture does speak a thousand words. We are excited to get the final images and begin incorporating them into the brand story we will tell over social media!

For right now, enjoy the “behind the scenes” photos we captured at the event. Keep an eye out for an update with the professional photos. Oh, and make sure you head over to Facebook and follow A Ginger Kid Toys!

Huge thanks to A Ginger Kid Toys for allowing us to share this story. Also, we are extremely grateful for the families who participated and made this photo shoot so much fun! To learn more about those involved today we invite you to visit A Ginger Kid Website and the Kristina Rose Photography Website.



A Case Study: A Ginger Kid Photo Shoot
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