favorite-professional-booksStaying sharp in a rapidly evolving business landscape is a top priority of ours. As such, we are always on the lookout for good books that will help us grow as a company and as individual professionals. Since we are always happy to get recommendations from others we thought today we would return the favor. We are excited to share five of our favorite professional development & marketing books with you.

The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice, Todd Henry

For our team, full of creatives, this books is particularly helpful. It takes the reader through common pitfalls creatives run into (like “the assassins of creativity”) and how to overcome them. We love that this book provides practical solutions for maintaining the utmost creativity, and avoiding burnout.

How to Win Friend & Influence People, Dale Carnegie.

Kate Rancourt, a brilliant creative and friend of the Blue Mobius Marketing team, recommended this book. She wrote a compelling article about empathy, which we shared a few months back. In her piece, she detailed the way this book inspired her in both her professional and personal life. The wisdom is timeless and the principles are applicable to all. We really like the portion that discusses how to be a great conversationalist (stop talking and listen!).  Make sure to add this to your reading list.

Built to Last, Jim Collins & Jerry Porras

This book is especially relevant to business leaders but full of great insight for a variety of professionals. Collins and Porras present the reader with the results of a six year study focused on exceptional companies. The team compares these stand-out “visionary” companies to other great companies within the same industry. One of the principles we love from this book is the “genius of AND.” For example, why settle for a company that is creative or structured? Embrace both! Reject the “tyranny of the OR.” That is one example of the many takeaways you can expect from this book.

Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg

This book came highly recommended from Christiana Sullivan, during a recent career panel. Our Founder, Caitlyn Scaggs, was also part of the panel and immediately began reading this book, as a result of Christina’s suggestion. We love this book because while written directed towards women in the workplace it is a “must” for all to read. The advice and wisdom she shares transcends gender issues while also highlighting the unique experience of women in the workplace. It is inspiring, encouraging and also laced with practical advice.

The Richest Man in Town, V.J. Smith

This is a short, simple, narrative you could probably digest in one weekend (or one day for that matter). It tells the tale of an exceptional Wal-Mart employee, Marty, who made a huge impact by simply treating people like they mattered and approaching his job with intentionality. There are lessons for us all to learn from Marty about staying people-focused and working hard, regardless of the job at hand. This book is touching, inspirational, and will stick with you.

Let us know what you think of the list, and if you have more to add! Comment below with your “must reads.”

5 Books We Love
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